We offer wireless phones for a company called Huge Telecoms. Click on the Huge Telecoms word above if you are interested in having a wireless home phone, or a wireless phone for your business. If you have cable theft as a problem and can’t afford to be without an office phone or home, then this is for you.

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is better known as 4G. The fourth generation of internet technology. Most smart phones today are 4G phones, however with data prices being so expensive, Telkom has devised a package for home with an internet router that your smart phones can connect to wireless. Click on the Telkom 4G wireless internet words above if you want to know more about Telkom’s 4G home internet packages.

With streaming being the new way of visual entertainment uncapped data is coming as important as having a cell phone. At first having a cell phone was only for the affluent, now having a cell number is border line compulsory. The type of phones we having require uncapped data, but data prices are so expensive. For uncapped ADSL click on Telkom ADSL words above.

Telkom Fibre, one of the best internet technology in the world, possibly the best. It is fast and stable and you get can speeds from up to 100meg. It is great for streaming and the prices are very affordable. Click on the above Telkom Fibre word if you want to know more about Telkom Fibre.